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Dermaplaning Treatment


Removes 21 days of dead skin cells, for softer, dewier you!

A very effective mechanical way to exfoliate the face with the use of chemicals peels or potions. We will manually remove the dead skin cells as well as any undesireable soft facial hairs. Our specially trained and certified clinician uses a surgical stainless steel scalpel during this procedure. 

You can  "Add-On'" to the Dermaplane to best serve you, and give you your best skin.

  • ADD Rezenrate:  "My personal favorite treatment!"  Amazing products used to create amazing results.  Warning - The only problem:  You may like the results so will become your personal favorite too and have you coming back again and again! 

  • ADD Chemical Peel: This gives you a more "medical grade" effect.  You'll benefit from unparalleled resutls while correcting pigmentation issues, fine lines & wrinkles, and minor acne scarring.

  • ADD Hyrafacial:  This really is the best of both worlds!  Brighten, Tighten, & Tone in one luxurious procedure, giving you the most seriously smooth skin ever.  

You'll Love The Skin You're In


Benefits include: Removal of fine facial hair, instantly smoother skin with more even skin tone, reduction in appearance of superficial acne scarring, and the removal of dead skin cells that stimulates cell turnover for more luminous skin. You'll love the skin your're in after a Dermaplane session!

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